Muscle Soreness After Workout

Muscle soreness can be very common with most individuals. Many people ask should I be sore after every workout to gain muscle mass or improvement?

Well the answer is no, it is not essential to be sore after every workout to gain muscle mass. If an individual is sore between 24-48 hours following a workout, this is generally referred to as Post Exercise Muscle Soreness (PEMS). This is most common and not essentially harmful. If the soreness extends beyond 48 hours it is referred to as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and should be avoided.

The goal is to gain muscular, joint and nervous system benefits, not tissue microtrauma and soreness. It is normal for a muscle and connective tissue to tear and rebuild. It is not normal to create excessive trauma to muscle fibers and connective tissue by creating pain thatlasts more than 1-2 days.