Bad Fitness Habits

1. Bad Form
Developing a bad form when exercising can not only compromise strength results, but also increases your risk of injury. Correct form from a certified trainer is your safety net.

2. Under-training
You have heard it before NO PAIN, NO GAIN. Just going through the motions gives the body little or no benefit. Stay focused on your goals. You owe this time to yourself, you deserve it, so make the most of it.

3. Over-training
Don’t expect to be Arnold overnight. A great physique comes with great sacrifice. It is impossible to mold your body into shape in a couple of days. This all or nothing approach will not only burn you out, but will also increase your risk of injury. Unreasonable expectations will also make you give up easily. Gradually build up your muscles so they get the most effective and efficient workout possible. More doesn’t always mean better faster results. The body needs rest for your muscles to recover. Take days off between hard workouts or target different muscles groups day to day.

4. Day Dreaming
It is important to focus on every exercise, involve your mind in every set, rep, and pump. Focus on how the body moves, how the muscles engage, and how proper form is accomplished. Proper focus adds up to a more efficient workout and faster results. So forget about work, school and other issues you have floating around your mind and stay 100% in the moment.

5. Limited Exercise
Are you guilty of doing the same workouts every other day? If so your only cheating yourself. It is important to mix up and expand your routine! Our muscles love being challenged so if you stick to the same routine every time they will eventually adapt. Look up new exercises, and change your schedule to ensure your muscles don’t get too efficient with any single routine.

6. Breathing
Breathe people breathe!!  Not breathing during weight lifting is a common and frequent mistake with beginners. Maintaining a solid flow of oxygen during weight lifting is vital to reaching your maximum performance. A full breath delivers the maximum amount of oxygen to the blood, which in turn delivers more energy to the working muscles. Holding your breath is also cause for concern. According to the Mayo Clinic, holding your breath while lifting weights can lead to dangerous spikes in your blood pressure, causing dizziness or nausea.