Why Strength Train?

Strength training is an important part of an overall fitness program. More and more
studies have shown that strength training produces many health and fitness benefits. Now
consider these reasons to change your life today.

How Does the Body Adapt to Exercise?

The body is an incredible working machine that can adapt to the stress that is placed upon it. The process of adaptation due to stress is known as the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS). The first stage is called the alarm stage, where the body first reacts to stress, humans exhibit a "fight or flight" response, which prepares the body for physical activity. 

Bad Fitness Habits

We all know working out is great for our bodies, however how you workout can make
all the difference in the world. As a fitness trainer, I have seen a lot of bad fitness habits
first-hand. Even if you are a professional athlete or fitness fanatic, you can still commit
bad fitness habits from time to time. Don’t jeopardize your health by engaging in these
bad fitness habits.

Muscle Soreness After Workout

Muscle soreness can be very common with most individuals. Many people ask should I be sore after every workout to gain muscle mass or improvement?

8 Week Pre-Summer Body Workout Plan

We will be training two days on and one day off. We will doing cardio twice a day with a mix of running, biking, and plyometrics to stay lean and boost the metabolism. I measure the intensity of running on a scale 1-10. On pushups, dips and crunches, go hard until your fatigued.

8 Week Pre-Summer Body Nutrition Plan

To start this program it begins in the kitchen. Now we won’t be counting calories in this program. I don’t want to complicate things. Instead you will be measuring your portions and sticking with the same small portions. For the meat and carb portion I recommend about a fist full, which is about a 200g of meat and a cup of whole grain pasta. 

Muscle Growth

Many people speculate about the process of muscle growth, and how one can achieve muscle development. Muscle growth, or as many scientists call it, muscle hypertrophy, is an increase in the size of muscle cells. But first let’s start with the basics. Muscle growth requires three features: a stimulus (exercise), fuel, and repair.

Fountain of Youth

As individuals become older, deterioration starts to occur in both muscle mass and muscle strength. This corrosion leads to chronic aches and pain, and even difficulty in performing daily activities. Occurrences such as this can begin at the age of 29 and can subsequently increase every year. The loss of physical ability has been correlated with not only an active lifestyle, but with an increase in age.