Health & Nutrition

The Simplistic Six Diet
The Simplistic Six Diet is a safe, simple diet that anyone can take on. Learn how the Simplistic Six Diet can change your life.

Why Eat Organic Foods
Organic foods are an important part of your daily diet. Learn why Ryan thinks you should start eating organic.

Healthy Hypertension Meals
If you suffer from Hypertension, I feel your pain. Check out some of my favorite hypertension meals.


8 Week Pre-Summer Body Workout Plan
Summer is right around the corner, people! Get in bathing suit shape with my 8 week workout plan that will get you noticed.

Why Strength Train?
Strength training is essential to a complete workout – let me show you why with my strength training tips and adivce.

Bad Fitness Habits
Even those of us with the best intensions have bad fitness habits. You may have some bad habits and not know it.


5K Beginner Training Chart
Running your first 5k? Read my 5k Beginner Training Guide and enjoy your first 5k!

Beginner Marathon Workout
The perfect workout plan for any beginner marathon runner.

Running Training Guide
My Running Training Guide outlines a variety of basic, yet essential running routines.


3 Tier Pushups
Learn the proper way to execute 3 Tier Pushups for your workout.

Proper Bicep Curl
In this video you learn how to do a proper bicep curl to maximize muscle strength.

Shoulder Workout
This video will show you the optimal strength training exercises for your shoulders/back